You heard of the benefits of meditation.

But when you do it, your thoughts run wild and you find it difficult to implement it in your life?

Meditation is amazing however not a beginners exercise and not suitable for everybody.

In our society of overthinkers, when you close your eyes you will probably have your to-do list in mind, think about your projects or the things that are bothering you…

Do you find yourself…

  • having trouble focusing?
  • procrastination on important things in your life?
  • overthinking and overplanning?
  • over apologizing and getting angry at minor things?
  • feeling fear of expressing yourself and being criticized?
  • numbing yourself through substances?

And you want to let go of…

  • anxiety and depressing patterns.
  • negative, looping thought patterns.
  • repressed emotions.
  • and just be able to enjoy the present moment.

Breathwork might be the answer for you!

  • Leading scientists are discovering what ancient cultures have always known.
  • Every physiological state has a corresponding breathing pattern. You breathe differently when you are angry, than when you are relaxed. When you change your breathing pattern, your psychological state changes.
  • More importantly you can change your state by changing your breathing pattern!
  • With the power of your breath you can influence your 
    • physical 
    • mental 
    • emotional 
    • and spiritual state

Physical benefits of breathwork

  • Raise your energy level.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Release toxins from your body.
  • Hack your nervous system.
  • Influence your PH regulation.
  • Improve respiratory system.
  • Upgrade your cardiovascular system.

Mental benefits

  • Reduce stress.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Supercharge brain.
  • Increase focus.

Emotional and spiritual benefits

  • Release trauma and tension stuck in your body.
  • Integrate mindfulness, self- awareness, presence, happiness.
  • Experience emotional well being and joy.
  • And even explore altered states of consciousness.

What happens during holotropic breathing?

Through this breathing exercise the oxygen levels in your body increases. That creates changes in your neurophysiology.

The monkey mind starts to shut off and the amygdala starts to activate (where emotions and deep memories are stored).

This leads to an emotional release and an increase of self awareness, presence, inner happiness and many more benefits.

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