For high achievers who are ready to
look within.

From compulsive thinking, self- neglect, and overdoing to experience inner peace, joy, love and living in flow.

Reaching one milestone after the other but the feeling of emptiness stays?

Your level of achievement does not match your level of fulfillment. When you are 100 % honest with yourself you notice that deep down you are:

Seeking Validation

  • Through your accomplishments.
  • From the opposite sex.

Engage In Compulsive Behavior

  • Numbing yourself.
  • Substance abuse (coffee and chocolate count too :))
  • Workaholic.

Feeling Depressed, Anxiety And Being Afraid To Be Really Alone

  • Overplanning.
  • Rationalizing.

Self Neglect To Achieve More On The Outside

  • While not allowing joy in your life.
  • Always busy.
  • Emotionally distant to the people important to you.
  • Making decision from the head and ignoring your heart.
  • Feeling burnt out and tired because of all of this.

Happiness Is Always Just The Next Milestone Away

  • When I have the romantic relationship.
  • The status.
  • But it never really comes so you go back to your coping mechanisms.

Overthinking And Your Mind Never Stops

  • Experience hard to diagnose physical diseases.

All of this has a reason, and the answer is usually not there where you expect it.
Understand the reason and start to live a truly self-empowered life.

You have suppressed emotions in your subconscious, a wounded inner child and this is causing manipulation and self- sabotage in your life.

You have found an incredibly effective coping mechanism (listed above) to not feel the emotions and live in your self- created bubble (ego).

This bubble is the root cause for everything in your life and out of the infinite possibilities you keep on experiencing the same things over and over again.

Life is trying to communicate with you and show you something but you keep looking away. So the signs come back in a stronger way every time…


You start to see the self- created matrix all around you and you cannot unsee it!

Out of what state of consciousness
are you creating your life?

The Steps To Transcend Your Current Reality And Experience True Joy, Love And Peace In Your Life


Develop Awareness

  • Create consciousness for your current state with radical honesty.
  • Identify the suppressed emotion.
  • Identify what you really need.


Face Your Dark Side

  • Remove coping behaviors.
  • Feel and embrace the emotion that you have been running away from.


Connect with yourself

  • Hack your nervous system.
  • Tap into the flow state.

So your level of fulfillment finally matches your level of achievement

You will get all the tools and techniques you need to effectively face yourself, handle your emotions and  connect with yourself on a deep level.


The breath connects the conscious and unconscious. What eastern cultures have known for thousands of years, leading scientists are now discovering these powerful techniques to regulate your nervous system.


Feeling heard and listened to is one of the most fundamental things in life. Add a triggering question or two and a couple of powerful impulses and in this place you will start to see your own created bubble and let go of it.

Your Guide

I have been a corporate executive, business owner, sales leader and many more in the last 9 years. Driven by status, money and s*x.

But I always knew that something was missing. No matter what happened on the outside this feeling of emptiness stayed…

Until I went on a deep personal transformation guided by indigenous shamans, and many more amazing people that showed me the way to go inside…

Now I am blessed to be able to provide the same thing for you…
So you find the master of your life within yourself as well.

Who Is This For?


Business executives

Business owners

For everybody, who is ready to look within.

Oliver Glozik - About

Are you ready for radical honesty so you can finally feel the level of fulfillment and wholeness you have been looking for your entire life…?

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I am afraid I will lose my competitive edge if I start to let go

You might attribute your success to your competitive edge, being driven by anger or disappointments. And you feel like once you let these go, you will start to lose your grit. This is a thought pattern that is keeping you stuck in your current state of being. You can do things in your life not just based on (negative) emotions but out of (higher vibrations) as well. And when you let go of the baggage you also let go of a lot of resistance and you can get into a flow state a lot easier.

Will this be helpful in my situation?

Depends what situation you are in! Generally speaking we all have some form of stuck emotions in us, things we are not even aware of. We notice the symptoms but we don’t realize where it is coming from. So we end up working on the surface and end up getting surface level results. Until the same thing shows up in a different form. So why not go deeper and look where it is actually coming from?

Why are (stuck) emotions so relevant?

Most of our actions are driven by an emotion. Either to get a positive one or to avoid a negative one. One pattern is even to ignore all “negative” emotions and depriving their right of existance. That way we miss out on all of the valuable lessons they provide. But more importantly they are still there. Pushed all the way down, but they influence you more than you are aware of, to a degree even dictate your life because you keep running away from them. Do you really want to live that way or actually face what you have been hiding and living in freedom after?